Combination of Sports and Historical Tourism Education in Jakarta
Who does not know the city of Jakarta, the capital city, the center of the economy, and silent witnesses to the long journey of Indonesia's struggle for independence. We call it Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Maritime Museum, Kota Intan Bridge which at that time was the gateway for merchant ships, Dutch Government Town Hall which we now know the Jakarta History Museum (Fatahilah), and continue to line historical buildings to the Tanah Abang area and Cikini area .
At present there are thirteen museums under the management of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, namely: Jakarta History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, Puppet Museum. Maritime Museum, Joang 45 Museum, Inscription Museum, MH Thamrin Museum, Textile Museum, Onrust Archaeological Park, PBB Setu Babakan, National Monument. The Si Pitung House, and the Benjamin Sueb Museum, as well as several Historic Buildings managed by the Central Government, as well as museums with contemporary concepts developed by the private sector. all of that is the potential to attract tourists to Jakarta, so creative and innovative steps are needed to publicize that potential to the entire community.
"The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta through the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture office the Province of DKI Jakarta continues to improve the facilities, quality and promotion of existing museums, following the trends in the midst of society is one strategy for us to promote the museum in Jakarta , if in previous years we have successfully held vloger competitions, bloggers, and amateur photo competitions about museums in Jakarta. So this year we organized the SMART RACE 2019 Marathon Museum in Jakarta, "said Head of the Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Culture Office, Edy Junaedi, in Jakarta yesterday.
The Jakarta Museum Marathon or JMM Smart Race 2019 which will be held on 3 and 4 August 2019 is an innovation to promote museums in Jakarta by combining sports and tourism.
Edy Junaedi added that the JMM Smart Race 2019 will be different because this event is more FUN, it will be more fun for all participants, because when the event takes place they will not only be participants of the competition but will also be ambassadors of Jakarta museum promotions through their respective social media.
According to Hari Wibowo, the person in charge of the activity, Instagram social media use was chosen as a registration requirement and each participant was required to maximize active Instagram, because in this competition, participants were required to post their activities when visiting or passing museums and historical sites on their Instagram. Registration is open from 5 July 2019.