60 Catering Companies will Enliven the APJI Expo 2019 Event
By: Herry Barus - Jakarta- APJI (Association of Indonesian Catering Companies) DKI Jakarta will hold the APJI Expo, on July 13-14 2019, at Smesco Exhibition Hall, Jakarta. This APJI Expo was initiated by Siti Djumiadini, or commonly called Dini, Chairman of the APJI DKI DPD.
Through this APJI Expo, Dini hopes that the members who are involved in the APJI Expo activities for the first time are more numerous than the Wedding Expo activities that have been frequently followed. According to him, if the wedding expo has only been attended by 50 of the 660 members of APJI DKI Jakarta, then in the APJI Expo activity, it is estimated that 60 participants will be participated. He hopes that the upcoming APJI Expo will be attended by even more participants.
"This APJI Expo aims to encourage APJI members to participate in the competition, because there are still many APJI members who are included in the MSME category," he said on Thursday (07/07/2019)
Muslihaini, Chief Executive of APJI Expo 2019 explained, in an audience conducted by the DKI Jakarta APJI DPD with the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture, the APJI Expo committee received support from the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office.
This support was marked by the inclusion of APJI Expo as one of the annual activities in the Jakarta Disparbud calendar (enjoy Jakarta). Besides that, the form of support from the Disparbud was shown by the presentation of the APJI Expo agenda by the Ministry of Communication and Information in the 4 points of Videotron owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.
APJI Expo 2019, according to Muslihaini, raised the theme of Catering & Wedding Industry. The plan, APJI Expo will be opened by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan.
To enliven the APJI Expo 2019, organizers provided prizes, including LED TVs, wedding rings, hotel vouchers, shopping vouchers, Yamaha Lexi motorbikes and Honeymoon packages to Lombok.
Muslihaini hopes that the implementation of APJI Expo 2019 which is a breakthrough from the APJI DKI DPD, will later become an example for the implementation of the APJI Expo in other provinces. "The goal is the same, namely increasing the empowerment of APJI members in facing business competition," he said.
APJI is an association that houses entrepreneurs engaged in catering services (catering and restaurants). This organization was founded in October 1989.
APJI was established to make it easy for members to get networks and information about the world of catering businesses. In addition, through APJI, members get convenience in finding raw materials for catering needs, as well as information about business licensing and training.
The APJI organization is currently developing in 20 provinces, with 2000 members. It is targeted that next year the APJI organization will spread in 34 provinces in Indonesia.