Three Tourism Destinations DKI Disparbud Recommendations During Lebaran Holidays
By Mahameru Alfaraby
Report: Muhammad Hafidh
KedaiPena.Com - Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Agency provides a number of recommendations on tourist destinations that can be visited by residents of Jakarta during the Eid holiday.
Head of Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) Edy Junaedi said the three places were Monas, Setu Babakan and Kota Tua.
"The three places have become recommendations because they are comfortable and spacious," Edy said in a discussion with the editor, written on Saturday (1/6/2019).
Although there were no special preparations in the three destinations, Edy ensured that his party would prepare a number of attractions to entertain the visitors who came.
"There are arts, dance, music groups and exhibitions," said Edy.
Edy also hoped that the citizens of Jakarta who would not go home during the Eid holiday could visit the three places of tourism recommendations.
"Hopefully the ones that come are crowded," said Edy.