This year's DKI Anniversary Claims to Be More Festive, There Are Various Festivals to Present Chris
Author: Nibras Nada Nailufar
Editor: Dian Maharani
JAKARTA, - Head of DKI Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office Edy Junaedi claimed that this year's Jakarta Anniversary celebration was made more festive than in previous years.
"In terms of excitement, it is more festive now. Continuing the participation of the community in this participation also distinguishes this year from the previous year. We encourage this more to the communities," Edy said in Jakarta City Hall on Friday (6/21/2019 )
According to Edy, the series of HUT events will last until July. Cultural festivals will be held at Bundaran HI, Banteng Field, to the Thousand Islands.
"On June 28-29 there was the Jakarta Beats Society at Banteng Square. It's really good that there is a Grammy (Award) winner, Chris Berry we present there to perform,
provide coaching too. Then in the Thousand Islands we have the Indie Festival. Then on 30 there is Jakarnaval. Then there are Abang None and Betawi Lebaran. And that's just from Disparbud, "said Edy.
In addition to events organized by the Department of Tourism and Culture, smaller scale celebrations are also held at the city and district level. Even residents in the villages are also encouraged to hold their celebrations.
"On the RT, RW they organize," said Edy.
Jakarta's 492th Anniversary is celebrated with the theme "The New Face of Jakarta". The highlight of the celebration will be held at Bundaran HI, Central Jakarta on Saturday (06/22/2019) tomorrow.
This event will combine traditional Betawi elements and technological sophistication. The combination is displayed through traditional dance, traditional songs and costumes colossally, as well as performances of video mapping, water screen, and immersive.
The event will be divided into three rounds, starting from Jakarta Tempo Doeloe, Jakarta Bangunan, to Wajah Baru Jakarta.
The event was enlivened by the performances of Pasha, Kotak, Siti Badriah, and Wali. Uniquely, the performers will sing Betawi songs, such as Jali-Jali, Ondel-Ondel, and Kicir-Kicir.
In addition, the performers also wore Betawi traditional clothes, including Abang-None clothes and Pitung clothes.