Jakarnaval to Grammy Award Winners Will Enliven Jakarta Capital City Anniversary
Editor: Bintang Pradewo
Reporter: Sabik Aji Taufan - At the celebration of the 492th Jakarta Capital City Anniversary which falls on June 22, three major events will be held by the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office. The three events were Jakarnaval, Jakarta Beat Society and Thousand Island Indie Music Festival.
This year's Jakarnaval will start from the City Hall of DKI Jakarta Province - Horse Statue - Bundaran HI - Monas. Held on 30 June 2019, 15.00 - 17.30 WIB with the theme 'Face New Jakarta'.
"The biggest carnival party in Jakarta will feature cultural parades, arts and decorative car parades. The parade participants and parades involve Jakarta residents, students, art workers and the community, "said Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office Edy Junaedi in his written statement on Thursday (6/20).
Meanwhile for the Jakarta Beat Society (JBS) event, it was held this year. The plan will be held in Banteng Field on 28-30 June 2019. On the first day the event starts at 07.00 p.m - 08.00 p.m WIB. Inside there will be a pre-festival featuring dance. While the second day and the third day of the event starts at 10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m 
All artists who performed on JBS represented a diversity of musical cultures such as Betawi native music with the appearance of Gambang Kromong & Kroncong Tugu, modern music such as Reggae Music, Modern Sufi Music, and creative indie music.
"To attract international attention, JBS specifically brought in an American world music figure who won a Grammy Award, Chris Berry," Edy continued.
The Thousand Islands also enlivened the 492th Jakarta Anniversary. Taking a location on Tidung Island will be held the Thousand Island Indie Festival by presenting Pusakata, Danilla and Sisitipsi. The three artists are new idols for young people in Jakarta. It is expected that the presence of these three artists can increase tourist visits to the thousand islands both local and international tourists.
"The Thousand Island Indie Festival will be held on June 22, 2019, starting at 03.00 p.m - 12.00 p.m.  Besides the stage performance, the event was also filled with the typical Tidung Island culinary bazaar, "said Edy.