Interesting Thousand Islands Tourism Destination Variety Enjoyed during Lebaran Holidays

Fakhrizal Fakhri, Journalist
JAKARTA - The Thousand Islands can be one of the destinations for residents in Jakarta to spend their holidays, including the holiday of Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hijri. Many objects and interesting spots can be enjoyed in the administrative districts of DKI Jakarta. From marine tourism to history.
The Thousand Islands Regency Government targets 50,000 tourists to visit there during the 2019 Eid holiday. To realize the target, supporting facilities are also improved so that the service is maximized.
According to the Head of the Seribu Regency District Tourism and Culture Office, Cucu Kurnia, one of the targets for improvement is crossing services from the North Jakarta mainland to the Thousand Islands.
The fire of dozens of ships in Muara Baru Port, North Jakarta, was used as a lesson in February to improve crossing safety. Muara Baru, one of the docks to the islands in the Thousand Islands.
"Transportation is increasingly orderly now. So, all concerns about safety itself, starting from the owner of the ship, the port organizer, "said Cucu to Okezone, Wednesday 29 May 2019.
"Safety rules are the main thing if now in the high season tourists."
In addition to the maritime destination, there are several new parks on a number of islands that have already been built that are expected to attract many visits to the Thousand Islands on Eid al-Fitr which the peak of the holiday is expected on the second day.
"For others, right, it is really interesting if there is marine tourism there," said Cucu.
Destinations that can be visited on the Thousand Islands are Ayer Island and Bidadari Island which have floating cottages, Kelor Island which has Fort Martello as a historical heritage, Untung Jawa Island with a number of beaches and marine parks, and Pari Island which has beautiful white sandy beaches.
There is also Tidung Island which has many tourist attractions and is famous for its love bridges, Pramuka Island with beautiful sea panoramas, exotic Semak Daun Island, Kelapa Island, and Harapan Island with its marine tourism destinations
Then, there is Sepa Island which allows tourists to walk freely surrounded by fish on the seabed without using a marine walk,  Putri Island which has an underwater aquarium,  Macan Island which is specifically designed for tourists, and Pelangi Island with its beautiful white sand .
A number of tourist islands in the Thousand Islands offer a variety of facilities, such as fishing, snorkeling, sports fields, restaurants with the main menu of sea fish, to facilities for holding barbeque parties.
In addition to the tourist island, the Thousand Islands have an island thick with history, namely Onrust Island. The island offers magical historical tours. Tourists are invited to take part in the existence of the colonial period of the 17th and 18th centuries.
For trips to Thousand Island, tourists can use speedboats and ferries from  Marina Ancol port, North Jakarta. Travel time from the pier to the tourist destination islands depends on the distance, weather conditions, and the speed of the ship used. So even with the freight rates.
Apart from Marina Ancol Port, tourists can also use public transportation from Muara Baru Port and Muara Angke, North Jakarta; and Tanjung Pasir Port, Tangerang. Public transportation available is ferries, rental fishing boats, and wooden boats.