Entertainment Stage, Cultural Parade, until Decorative Cars Will Enliven Jakarnaval June 30
Author: Pebby Ade Liana
Editor: Erik Sinaga
TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, GAMBIR - The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has again held Jakarnaval in the closing ceremony of the 492th anniversary of Jakarta on June 30, 2019.
The event will be attended by five thousand participants consisting of Jakarta residents, students, art workers to the community.
"The biggest carnival party in Jakarta will feature cultural parades, modern parades and decorative car parades. 5,000 people will participate in cultural parades and 25 vehicles for decorative car parades that will feature Transjakarta-level buses. Residents can enjoy this program for free , "Edy Junaedi, Head of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, said in his statement on Friday (6/28/2019).
This carnival party will feature various parades. Ranging from cultural parades, modern parades, to decorative car parades. According to Edy, later in addition to the parade, culture from friendly countries will also be shown in this year's performance.
With the theme of the Faces of New Jakarta, the main stage of Jakarnaval is provided right in front of the City Hall of DKI Jakarta Province. Later, the parade participants will be released by the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, Anies Baswedan.
"For public transportation access, public transportation can be used, as Transjakarta can get off at the City Hall stop, for commuter line users to get off at Gondangdia station and for residents using the MRT to get off at the HI Roundabout station. Thamrin, "he explained.
The following are the modern cultural parade and parade routes that take place in the Jakarnaval performance June 30, 2019:
1. The group departed in front of the City Hall of DKI Jakarta Province turned onto Jalan MH. Thamrin and spinning at the monument at MH Thamrin to return to Monas.
2. Meanwhile, for the decorative car parade route starting in front of the City Hall of DKI Jakarta Province, turn towards Jalan MH. Thamrin and ends at the HI roundabout.
3. The parade starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m.