Enliven Jakarta Capital City Anniversary, Pusakata and Danilla Will Share Stage on Tidung Island
Author: Gerald Leonardo Agustino
Editor: Ferdinand Waskita

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, SERIBU ISLANDS - The Thousand Islands Department of Tourism and Culture will commemorate Jakarta's 49th Anniversary with a music festival.
The Head of the Thousand Islands Tourism and Culture, Cucu Ahmad Kurnia said, the music festival was given the title of the Thousand Islands Indie Festival.
The festival will be held on Tidung Island to coincide with the anniversary of  Jakarta, which is on the upcoming June 22, 2019.
"Later, it will be held in the Love Bridge area, Tidung Island, South Thousand Islands District on June 22," Cucu said on Wednesday (6/12/2019).
To enliven the Thousand Islands Indie Festival, the Thousand Islands Tourism and Culture Sub-Department invited a number of Indonesian Indie musicians.
A number of the main performers will be Pusakata, Danilla Riyadi, Sisitipsi, and Alviandra Project.
"The preparation so far thank God smoothly, promos have started the road by involving Pokdarwis and travel to prepare the tour package," said Cucu.
In addition to music concerts, the festival will be filled with a typical Thousand Islands snack bazaar.
A number of typical snacks that can later be found, said Cucu, for example breadfruit chips, candied seaweed, and fish chips.
"It is expected that the Indie Festival can attract 1,000 tourists to Tidung Island, because this is free for visitors," said Cucu.