DKI Wins Award at Beijing International Travel Expo
Kastara.ID, Jakarta -  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office won the Best Booth Design Award at the Beijing International Travel Expo (BITE) 2019.
DKI Jakarta's Stan Disparbud defeated 2,100 other exhibitors from 87 countries. Based on the evaluation criteria of the organizing committee, the Disparbud booth of DKI Jakarta is unique both in terms of design and various supporting activities in it.
Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Edy Junaedi, said that participating in the 2019 BITE event was part of an effort to further increase the number of foreign tourist visits to Jakarta, especially tourists from China.
"Last year there were more than 360 thousand tourists from China visiting Jakarta. "The level of the visit made the tourists from the Bamboo Curtain country the most come to Jakarta compared to other countries," he said on Friday (6/21).
While the Head of Jakarta Disparbud Destination and Marketing Division, Hari Wibowo added, there are 10 tourism industries from Jakarta such as travel agents and hotels joining the DKI Jakarta booth.
In addition, the booth was also enlivened by Abang None Jakarta as the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Ambassador, the appearance of the trained and batik art team from the Textile Museum, as well as the typical Jakarta culinary made by professional cooks or chefs.
"The assessment criteria in addition to the uniqueness of the booth design are also activities supporting the event at the booth. In addition to cultural attractions and batik demonstrations, chefs also share typical Jakarta food with visitors, "he explained.
Interestingly, continued Hari, this was the first time the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through Disparbud participated after 15 years of organizing BITE.
"Alhamdulillah, we are certainly grateful for the achievement of this award. Because, we really don't know that the stands will be assessed, "he said.
He added, the participation of DKI Jakarta was supported by the awards he got as an added value in attracting foreign tourists (tourists) to visit Jakarta.
"China is our main potential market. For that, we are doing an activity like this is very important, "he said.
Just to note, the Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) is an international professional tourism exhibition sponsored by the Beijing City Tourism Development Commission. BITE runs from 18-20 June 2019. (hop)