DKI Disparbud Asks Jakarta Organizers Fair to tighten Supervision of Entertainment Arena
Lenny Tristia Tambun / CAH
Jakarta, -  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office asks Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JKF) organizers, namely PT Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) to tighten the supervision of entertainment and game tenants in the JFK area.
So that the carousel incident that collapsed or collapsed a few days ago did not happen again.
DKI Disparbud Secretary, Asiantoro said that after the carousel carousel in the area of ​​JFK 2019, his party had directly coordinated with PT JIExpo as the organizer of JFK 2019.
"We have coordinated with the organizers. When we get there, there is already the police there handling, "Asiantoro said on Thursday (06/13/2019).
He himself was concerned about the incident. It also has called the owner of the carousel. And immediately checked the feasibility of the merry-go-round and all the game equipment that were there.
"We call the owner. We also see the feasibility. We are sorry, "Asiantoro said.
Because the incident occurred in the organizer area of ​​JFK 2019, according to Asiantoro the party responsible was PT JIExpo as the organizing committee.
At the very least, JIExpo has to tighten surveillance of entertainment and game tenants. So that their equipment or game tools do not endanger the safety of visitors.
"The supervision is directly from the JIExpo organizer directly. So just lack of control. But there are no fatalities, "said Asiantoro.
Previously, Central Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Harry Kurniawan said the carousel was damaged, buttresses were not strong so they collapsed.
The carousel collapsed on Monday (6/10/2019) at 18.30 WIB. Four people who boarded the rides became victims and suffered minor injuries.