Chasing 2.9 million Wisman Target, DKI Disparbud Boosts Cultural Exhibition at the Museum

JAKARTA - DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office pushes museums in Jakarta to become one of the tourist destinations for foreign tourists to the Capital City.
Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Edy Junaedi said that based on the data, there are 50 to 60 percent of foreign tourists visiting foreign museums while in Jakarta.
"Currently the Museum has a big role, there are 50 or 60 percent of our target from the museum. "The target of 2.9 million foreign tourists (per year), (currently) 1.5 million tourists, are visitors to the museum," Edy Junaedi said when confirmed by reporters on Friday (6/21/2019).
According to him, foreign tourists really like museums to explore what they want to know about Jakarta. The majority of foreign tourists who come to the capital city come from Europe.
For this reason,  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office will be more intense in organizing events or exhibitions in museums in Jakarta to make them more attractive and increase the number of foreign tourists.
"I think that in terms of buildings, collections and exhibitions in museums, it becomes important as an attraction for tourists," said Edy.
The exhibition of indigenous Indonesian culture is very necessary and important to be displayed in the museum so that foreigners know more about the richness of culture that Indonesia has.
"The collections on display at the museum have various kinds of stories and are treasures that need to be known by many parties," said Edy. (yendhi / tri)