Ancol and Head of Sub-Department of Thousand Island Tourism Collaborate to Boost Tourist Visits
Editor: Heryanto - PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol has tourist destinations in the Thousand Islands, namely Bidadari island. Therefore Ancol has an interest so that the thousand islands become the main choice of tourist destinations in Jakarta and its surroundings besides other islands in Indonesia.
Good cooperation is established with the Thousand Islands Culture and Tourism Office of  Jakarta Province. Among other things related to promotional activities and supporting events to increase the flow of tourist visits to the Thousand Islands.
Head of Ancol Jaya Dreamland Division Budi Aryanto said, as a tourist destination located on the coast of Jakarta, Ancol provides a variety of infrastructure to be used as a venue for the Thousand Islands Tourism Promotion, such as the presence of a representative crossing pier to Thousand Islands.
"The synergy that is being built is now paying off. "There is an increase in the flow of tourists to Thousand Island both through the Marina Ancol Pier and from other ports," said Budi in the Ancol Public Relation release, Saturday evening (6/8/2019).
During this year's Lebaran holiday, Budi's value is the highest compared to the previous year's Eid holiday. There is an increase in tourist visits to the Thousand Islands via Marina pier.
Jaya Ancol cooperation with the Thousand Island Tourism Office will continue to be improved as a synergy in order to establish mutually supportive and sustainable cooperation.
"We hope that the existence of the Ancol tourism park which has a crossing pier can have a positive impact on interest in visiting Seribu Island, especially Ancol also manages Bidadari Island in the Thousand Islands group," he said.
In the near future, at the commemoration of the Jakarta anniversary on June 22, 2019 there will be a festive Tidung Special Indie Festival. There are a variety of distribution packages offered, one of them through Marina Pier.
Head of the Thousand Island Culture & Tourism Office of  Jakarta Province Cucu Ahmad Kurnia said, with various private trip packages from Dermaga Marina with a capacity of 2 people until the group is available.
"Prices varying from Rp. 680,000 per pax will get complete facilities. The synergy of Ancol and the Thousand Islands Tourism Sub-dept. Has a very positive impact, tourist visits are increasing, "said Cucu. (ers)