4 This Betawi Dance is Celebrating the 2019 Jakarnaval Festival
Author: Ratna Widyawati
Editor: Sinta Agustina
TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM - The 2019 Jakarnaval Festival is one of the events held to enliven Jakarta's 492th Anniversary.
The Jakarnaval Festival is an annual parade by carrying out cultural nuances organized by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government together with the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office.
The 2019 Jakarnaval Festival will be held on June 30, 2019 and will begin at 15.30 WIB.
Regarding the 2019 Jakarnaval Festival, Head of the Jakarta Tourism and Destination Office, Hari Wibowo explained, the theme this year was 'Face Baru Jakarta', reported by TribunTravel from Live City News, Monday (06/24/2019).
"The 2019 Jakarnaval activity was enlivened by marching bands, walking parades, colossal dance, artists, and followed by a parade of ornamental vehicles."
"Recorded until the closing of registration on June 21, 2019, there are around 30 ornamental vehicles from 5 regions and 1 district and 5000 participants participating in the event," Hari said.
Reported by the TribunTravel from the Instagram @wonderfullindonesia account, on Sunday (06/23/2019) at the Car Free Day Jakarta, the Jakarnaval festival was enlivened by 4 Betawi dances, including:
1. Nindak Jakarta Dance
2. Koneng Fan Fan Kepak Dance
3. Lenggang Putri Dance
4. Lenggak Lenggok Dance in Jakarta
At the peak of the 2019 Jakarnaval Festival which is held at Jakarta City Hall starting at 03.30 p.m -10.00 p.m  there will be a variety of excitement including:
- Cultural Parade
- Modern parade
- Decorative Car Parade
- Bombastic Band
- Capital Artist's Appearance
With the parade route starting from the DKI Jakarta City Hall Building past Jalan MH Thamrin-Bundaran HI-Jalan MH Thamrin-and ending at Monas Silang Barat Gate.