150,483 Tourists Visit Museums and Tourism Attractions at DKI Jakarta Anniversary

Editor: Muhammad Zulfikar
TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, JAKARTA - A total of 150,483 tourists visited a number of museums and tourism objects which carried out a free entry program to coincide with the 492th Anniversary of DKI Jakarta.
Head of the Infobang Division of DKI Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Alberto Ali, said that a total of 150,483 tourists visited eight museums and six tourism objects participating in the free entry program from 22-23 June 2019
"The number consists of 149,652 domestic tourists and 831 foreign tourists," Ali said on Sunday (06/23/2019).
The number of tourists who come to visit one another varies.
The National Museum area is the most numerous with 100,341 domestic and foreign tourists.
"If only the National Monument, the number of visits is 17,915 domestic and foreign tourists. Especially for the Betawi Cultural Village & Setu Babakan there is no data on the visit yet, "he said.
Ali added that his party did not have a specific target regarding the free entry policy in order to welcome Jakarta's 49th anniversary.
He only hopes that the program can be utilized by the community as well as possible.
For your information, eight museums and six tourist attractions under the auspices of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government are free of entry for two days, on June 22-23 2019.
Head of Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office Eddy Junaedi said the policy was in order to share happiness and excitement with the community at the 49th anniversary of Jakarta.
"We want the people of Jakarta to feel the joy of Jakarta's birthday celebration as well as the community can also know the history of the city of Jakarta through the museum," he said.
A list of eight museums that took part in the free entry program from June 22-23 2019 namely:
1. Jakarta History Museum
2. Joang 45 Museum
3. MH Thamrin Museum
4. Inscription Museum
5. Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics
6. Puppet Museum
7. Textile Museum
8. Maritime Museum
Meanwhile, there are six tourism objects which also hold free entry programs on June 22-23 2019, namely:
1. National Monument
2. DKI Pavilion at TMII
3. Planetarium
4. Onrust Archaeological Park
5. Pitung Marunda's house
6. Betawi Cultural Village & Setu Babakan