1,250 Ace Brightest Energy Saving Lights Setu Babakan

Editor: Rosmayanti
Photo: Ace Hardware
Warta, Jakarta PT Ace Hardware Indonesia through the Kawan Lama Foundation donated 1,250 energy-saving lamps and decorative lighting for public facilities and settlements in Kampung Betawi Setu Babakan, South Jakarta.
The symbolic handover of donations was carried out by Faozul Wildan as Operational General Manager of PT Ace Hardware Indonesia and was received by Eddy Junaidi as Head of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office on Sunday (23/6/2019) in conjunction with the Tempo Doeloe Betawi Culinary Exhibition.
Kawan Lama Retail Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Prita Wardhani explained, this activity is part of a series of Light Sharing activities for the Nation, namely Ace's energy-saving LED lighting donation program which aims to educate the public to switch to energy-saving lights while supporting environmental care campaigns proclaimed by the government.
"We chose Setu Babakan as the location of this activity because it is a tourist area and cultural heritage of Betawi that deserve to be preserved so that it can still be enjoyed by future generations," said Prita.
In addition to lighting up residential areas using energy-saving lamps, Ace also illuminates public facilities in Setu Babakan, such as at the main gate, musala, and mosques using decorative lights. In addition, this activity was filled with clean-up in public facilities involving Ace employees, cleaning equipment donations, and donating 1,000 tree seeds for reforestation.
"We hope that this activity can have a more positive impact on the community," he added.
Previously, the Light Sharing program for the Country had illuminated public facilities in various cities such as Floating Mosques in Makassar, Nurul Kamal Mosque in Balikpapan, Baitul Musyahadah Mosque in Aceh, Al-Huda Mosque in Jember, and the Great Mosque of Baitussalam in Purwokerto.
While donations for the distribution of tree seeds are part of the Trees for Tomorrow activity that has been carried out since 2012 and has distributed more than 990 thousand tree seeds.