Taman Apung Ciracas

Address: Jakarta Est 3 7, RT.3 / RW.7, Klp. Dua Wetan, Kec. Ciracas, East Jakarta City
You can find a park in Ciracas, East Jakarta. Named Taman Apung Ciracas (The Ciracas Floating Park), located in Kelurahan Kelapa Dua Wetan, Ciracas, East Jakarta.
Beautiful public open space to take some refreshing view for Jakarta residents.
This Park is one of the "Green Open Space (RTH)" which is being initiated by the  Jakarta Provincial Government. This year, it is targeted that there will be 30 open green spaces in Jakarta with a program called "Taman Maju Bersama".
This park is free and open to the public. With a number of public facilities, security and a view of the small lake in Floating Park it is convenient to visit during the morning or evening.
Good public space in Ciracas!

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