Panggang Island Offers Five Interesting Places for Ngabuburit
For those of you who want to enjoy Ngabuburit (trip while waiting for iftar), the Panggang Island, North Thousand Island Sub-district offers five interesting places that you must visit.
Those five places are Panggang Island Pier, Tanjong Timor child-friendly integrated public space (RPTRA), Flora Park, Pramula Island Pier, and Tanjung Elang Berseri RPTRA. "These places are always crowded before breaking the fast," expressed Panggang Island Urban Village Head, Pepen Kuswandi, Sunday (5/12).
There are new spots such as parks and selfie places while enjoying the view of the sunset. "For culinary, you can find it around the pier. You can order fresh foods and drinks such as es kelapa muda (young coconut ice), green banana ice, pucuwe, gepuk satay, grilled fish, and various other culinary delights," he said.
Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata |