'Millennials must be rich in cultural information'

Editor: Bonifasius Sedu Beribe
AKURAT.CO,  Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture Office expressed appreciation for the presence of the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village website created by Frances Caitlin Tirtaguna.
The current Betawi culture has been marginalized by outside culture. Especially in Jakarta, not many millennials know about the ins and outs of this typical Jakarta culture. The presence of a website created by young people is expected to be an important information field for millennials.
"With this website, hopefully it can help millennials to care about Betawi culture," said Asiantoro, Secretary of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, to Accurate Travel in Setu Babakan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (15/5).
The content on the UN Setu Babakan website is fairly complete; there are stories of history, facilities, cultural arts, culinary even to some agenda presented by the United Nations, all of which are listed on this website.
Asiantoro hopes that young people, especially those who live in Jakarta, will imitate the positive things done by Frances Caitlin Tirtaguna. Because, Betawi culture is very diverse.
"For many young people like Frances Caitlin Tirtaguna, I think it would be good to introduce Betawi culture to the wider community," he continued.
The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office also hopes that the millennial will not lack information about Betawi culture.