Lapangan Banteng Park, Alternative Place for Ngabuburit
The Lapangan Banteng Park in Pasar Baru Urban Village, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta is one of the alternative places for people to do Ngabuburit (trip to spend time before breaking the fast). 
In the park, people can do a variety of activities, from sitting relaxed to exercising while waiting for the time to break the fast.
One of the park visitors, Wilimansuri (59) said that he used to conduct light exercise activity until adzan Maghrib. "The park air is very cool, lots of trees. It's suitable for those of us who fast and still want to exercise," he expressed, Wednesday (5/8).
Another visitor, Sopiah (53) admitted that the park location is strategic and close to the Istiqlal Mosque. So it is very easy to worship when the Maghrib Prayer begins. "We usually break our fast and do prayers at the Istiqlal Mosque," she told.
Reporter : Maulana Khamal Macharani | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata |