Indonesia Muslim Fashion Festival 2019
Indonesia has proven to play an important role in the development of global Muslim fashion. The Muslim Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFFEST) event is a concrete step to advance the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry and realize Indonesia as the direction of the world's Muslim fashion. Now, MUFFEST has become a concern and partner of the Government in achieving these shared ideals. In the 3rd year, MUFFEST was opened by President Joko Widodo, who was then followed up with an invitation to the Bogor Palace to hear the opinion on the grand design of Indonesia's efforts to become the world's Muslim fashion center. The Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) also facilitated Indonesia Trend Forecasting (ITF) and conducted socialization to a number of regions to equip businesses to prepare products that will be displayed at MUFFEST. The Ministry of Industry participated in providing facilities for Lauching International Muslim Fashion Festival 2019 at the "La Mode" event Sur La Seine à Paris in the City of Paris, France.
Come visit MUFFEST for those who want to follow the development of the Muslim fashion world. the event is being held at the JCC until 4 May 2019
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  • Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
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