Here are Most Visited Ngabuburit Places on Harapan Island
Entering Ramadan, we often see and meet people who do Ngabuburit or a trip while waiting for breaking the fast in a number of places. Like in Harapan Island Urban Village, Thousand Islands. Yes, the place has at least three locations used as favorite place for Ngabuburit.
Harapan Island Urban Village Head, Adi Afandi said that those three locations are Harapan Island North Pier, Widya Bahari RPTRA and Menunggu Dirimu Park, precisely in front of local urban village office. "Since two days, these locations are very crowded by locals and tourists for Ngabuburit," he expressed, Wednesday (5/8).
From the pier, visitors can enjoy the view of the sea and the beauty of the sunset. "They can also order a variety of fresh foods and drinks, fruits, grilled fish, grilled chicken and fish meatballs," he stated.
Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata |