During Ramadan, North Jakarta Satpol PP Patrol Routine Watch Night Entertainment Venues
Author: Gerald Leonardo Agustino
Editor: Muhammad Zulfikar
TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, KOJA - Officers from the North Jakarta Satpol PP and the North Jakarta Tourism and Culture (Parbud) Sub-Department supervised a number of nightclubs in the Koja and Tanjung Priok areas on Thursday night (9/5/2019).
When combing the Cakung Cilincing Highway in the Koja area and Enggano Road in Tanjung Priok, officers found a number of nightclubs that were still open. The officers immediately entered the nightclubs one by one while calling on the managers to close their operations during the month of Ramadan. Afterwards, the sticker that read 'CLOSE' was affixed by the clerk at the door of the open night entertainment venue. Then the officers went back to combing the area, although the result was that many invisible nightspots had meaningful activities. However, officers kept sticking 'CLOSE' stickers in these places.
Head of North Jakarta Civil Servants Satpol PP Investigation Section, Budi Salamun, said the supervision was held during the month of Ramadan. This is in accordance with the circular letter of the Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office Number 162 / SE / 2019, Regarding the Time of the Implementation of the Tourism Industry during the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr Year 1440 H / 2019 M. "We supervise nightclubs so that the manager does not operate his night entertainment business during Ramadan," Budi said at the location.
According to Budi, the results of the supervision stated that there were no nightspots that were still operating during Ramadan. What is available, according to the managers, is that they hold a meeting regarding the circular letter. "For the time it was not operating, they only closed and we stressed that there was no agreement that the letter was clear. Circular was clear, it should not operate on June 6-8 2019," Budi said.
Budi emphasized that his party would continue to conduct patrols to monitor whether there were still reckless entertainment venues to operate later. "In the future supervision after tonight's activity we do patrol. Tomorrow we will operate, we will find that there is an open one, we will immediately do the sealing, we will coordinate with the relevant agencies," he said.
Head of North Jakarta Industry and Tourism Section, Agus Purwanto, said that there are six types of non-starred hotel nightspots that are prohibited from operating during the month of Ramadan. The six types of businesses include nightclubs, discos, steam baths, massage parlors, adult agility arenas, and bars.
He also appealed to business owners to obey the regulation. "Business owners do not need to test again whether this Ramadan closes or operates. Because in the circulation we provide it is clearly written that the nightlife venue must be closed during Ramadan," he said firmly.