DKI MUI Invites Civil Society Organizations Not to Do Sweeping During Ramadan
JAKARTA - The DKI Jakarta Ulema Council (MUI) is calling on all Islamic community organizations not to do "sweeping" or sweeping night entertainment spots during the holy month of Ramadan.
"We have socialized and delivered to all Islamic organizations, with the aim of avoiding clashes in the community," said Chairman of the DKI Jakarta MUI Fatwa Field, KH Zulfa Mustofa, in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, as quoted by Antaranews, Monday (6/5/2019 )
He said this regarding a circular issued by the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office number 165 / SE / 2019 concerning the time of the tourism industry in the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hijri.
As Muslims who are undergoing fasting, the public is asked to obey the law and trust government officials in enforcing the rules about night entertainment.
It also aims to avoid the existence of vigilante actions so that it can damage the atmosphere of the Holy Month of Ramadan. However, he also advised that the government be consistent in carrying out the established rules regarding night entertainment.
Therefore, Mustofa hopes that the government will always be responsive and control all nightclubs, especially in the Jakarta area so as not to violate and respect Muslims who are fasting.
"There used to be a problem with karaoke places operating close to places of worship, so the community complained. We hope this will not happen again," he said.
He added, if there are still hotels or nightclubs that are still open during Ramadan and are not touched by the  Jakarta Provincial Government's rules, then an evaluation is needed.
Regarding restaurants or restaurants that are still open during the day, DKI Jakarta MUI encourages all parties to respect each other.
"The MUI does not have the authority to prohibit restaurants from selling, because this is a legal state. But we really hope that there is an attitude of religious tolerance," he said.
In that case, the DKI Jakarta MUI also provides solutions to restaurant or restaurant owners such as arranging opening hours before breaking the fast or selling in places where the majority are non-Muslims.