Betawi Cultural Arts Enliven Tong Tong Fair in the Netherlands
JAKARTA - Betawi Culture and culinary arts get the opportunity to be increasingly recognized internationally by participating in Tong Tong Fair 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands.
The Tong Tong Fair 2019 event will take place from May 23 to June 2 2019. The delegation facilitated by the  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) displays Betawi Food Sampling, Tugu Kerocong Music Performance, Live Cooking Demo, Betawi Traditional Clothes Display, Batik Workshop, Jewelry Workshop, and Specialty Coffee.
Jakarta Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud), Edy Junaedi said, TTF is an annual festival themed in Indonesia in the Netherlands.
The participation of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is a moment to introduce and promote Betawi culture and art to the international community.
"We hope that there will be more foreign tourists, especially those from the Netherlands who are interested in coming to Jakarta," he said on Monday (5/27).
Head of the Jakarta Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) Destination and Marketing Division, Hari Wibowo explained, the TTF was first held in 1959 as a reunion for Dutch people who had lived in Indonesia.
"Many Dutch people have strong connections with Indonesia because of historical factors in the past," he explained.
According to him, in addition to carrying a cultural mission, Tong Tong Fair also provides benefits for delegates from Jakarta. They can open and add networks.
"Hopefully the cooperation offer can increase. Tong Tong Fair is an exhibition of Tourism Trade Investment (TTI)," he said.
Meanwhile, the Keroncong Orchestra Leader Tugu Cafrinho who participated in the 2019 TTF, Guido Quiko said, the presence of Keroncong Tugu Cafrinho in the oldest festival in the Netherlands was inseparable from the role of DKI Jakarta Disparbud which had provided a lot of support from costumes to other needs.
"We would like to thank the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government for helping so much that this year Keroncong Tugu can perform at Tong Tong Fair," he said.