Arsa Park on Untung Island in Java is a Fun Choice for Ngabuburit

Arsa Park on Untung Jawa Island, South Thousand Islands can be a fun choice for family and friends.
"This Ramadan, the Arsa Park and its various facilities can be used as alternative tourism destinations for residents and tourists,"

Yes, charming sea views and a number of facilities provided are an attraction for visitors.
"This Ramadan, Arsa Park and its various facilities can be used as alternative tourism objects for residents and tourists," said Supriyadi, Head of Untung Jawa Island Village, Monday (6/5).
Supriyadi explained, while gathering residents and tourists who came could take advantage of bathing and playing sand facilities on the beach. In addition, banana boat facilities and flying fish can also be enjoyed to add excitement.
"To be more comfortable, we also alerted coastal officers and PPSU to do garden cleaning," he said.
Supriyadi added, for breaking the fast menu, visitors to the park can order a variety of fresh drinks, such as fruit juice, soft drinks and fruit soup.
"For culinary, there are snacks to seafood (sea food), chicken and grilled fish," he said.
The Thousand Islands Regent, Husein Murad added, the competitive advantage of the Thousand Islands is the sea, so that cleanliness and sustainability must be maintained.
"With clean, smooth white sand, free of rubbish, it will certainly be fun for residents and tourists who visit," he said.
Reporter: Suparni | Editor: F. Ekodhanto Purba |