The Title of Archipelago Batik 2019


Date:  May 8-12 2019
Place: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Main Lobby and Assembly Hall
Indonesia is famous as a country that is rich in various cultures, one of which is material culture, namely BATIK. On October 2, 2009, UNESCO designated Batik as a world heritage because it fulfilled the criteria, among others, was rich in symbols and philosophical meanings of the life of the Indonesian people.
Various efforts to promote and develop batik and crafts are increasing and diverse. One of them is the holding of the Nusantara Batik (GBN) held since 1996 by the Indonesian Batik Foundation. After successfully holding the previous year, 2019 will be displayed again for the 11th time.

Participant Profile:
- Crafters
- Producer
- Batik UKM
- Batik Entrepreneurs
- Collector of Indonesian Traditional Batik and Fabrics
- Artist
- Cultural Gallery
- Souvenir craftsmen
- Jewelry / Accessories Entrepreneurs
Visitor Profile:
- Fans / Collectors Traditional Indonesian batik cloth
- Entrepreneur
- Government and Private Agencies
- Academics / Universities
- Observer of Indonesian Batik and Handicrafts
- General public
Info and contact:
- Facebook: Title of Nusantara Batik
- Twitter: @ gbn2019
- Instagram: @gelarbatiknusantara

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  • 10.00 a.m - 09.00 p.m
  • Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
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