Special Region of The capital city integrates Kali Besar - Taman Fatahillah for visitors
Reporter: Susylo Asmalyah
Editor:     Edy Sujatmiko
Jakarta (Antara) - The Jakarta City Government  of Tourism and Culture Office will integrate Kali Besar with Taman Fatahillah to facilitate visitor access and support comfort and security. 
"We will test the arrangement of the entrance and exit gates of Taman Fatahillah visitors," Edy Junaedi, Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud), said in Central Jakarta on Tuesday. 
The trial will be explained on Monday to two weeks, the flow of the entrance of Fatahillah Park is in the Chinatown hallway, the direction and the Big Door road / Museum of Bank Indonesia, the Batavia hallway from the Jasindo Building / Clove Park and the Pekojan hallway from Kali Besar Timur . 
The flow of the Fatahillah exit is in the Fatahillah hallway, the direction of the Jakarta City station or the Lada road, the Jayakarta aisle, the direction to Mega Bank, the Intan City hallway, the direction to Aroma Nusantara / the Intan City Bridge and the Sunda Kelapa passageway, directions to Immigration or Jalan Kunyit.
The entrance to Fatahillah Park from Kali Besar through the Pekojan passageway is an integration between Kali Besar and the Old City Area. Meanwhile, the exit from Fatahillah Park to Kali Besar can be through the Jayakarta aisle. 
"It is hoped that the lane arrangement will increase visits to Kali Besar," Edy said 
He said that the focus of visitors to the Old City area had been Taman Fatahillah, even though the history of the Old City area included Tamansari, Pinangsia, Glodok, Tambora and Penjaringan. 
"After completing the revitalization of Kali Besar zone one could become a new tourist destination in Jakarta to facilitate cars for residents of Fatahillah Park to Kali Besar, the flow has been prepared," said Edy 
The plan for the use of Kali Besar will be inaugurated by the Governor of  Jakarta Province, Anies Baswedab in the near future