Essam and Diska Official Becomes Central Jakarta Abnon 2019
Kastara.ID, Jakarta - The final night for the 2019 Central Jakarta Abang None (Abnon) held at the Jakarta Arts Building (GKJ), Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, resulted a winner.
Participants who won this prestigious contest Muhammad Essam respectively as the winners of Abang and Adiska Uswa Aisa as the winner of None of the Central Jakarta Region in 2019.
"As Abnon, it must be a positive image for an area. Therefore, Abnon is not only a tourism ambassador, but also represents youth who can provide positive ideas for the progress of Jakarta, "Essam said on Friday (5/4) last night.
While Diska which was selected as the None of the Central Jakarta Region hopes that both the winners and finalists of the Abnon Jakarta Pusat in 2019 can contribute to the progress of Jakarta.
"I also hope that all finalists can contribute directly, both for programs that have been made by the government or those who have not," he said.
Meanwhile, the Mayor of Central Jakarta, Bayu Meghantara hoped that Abnon winners in his region could provide the best ability to represent Central Jakarta in the  Jakarta Provincial Abnon title in 2019.
In the same place, Head of the Central Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office (Sudinparbud) Sonti Pangaribuan added, the 2019 Abnon Jakarta Central election which took the theme "It’s Time for Youth to Change Jakarta ’had its own meaning and hope.
"Our youth is hope to be able to help transform Jakarta into an international city," he said. (hop)