Betawi charm in Milan
Appearance of creative works by Indonesian artists and designers at the Superdesign Show at "Milan Design Week". The world exhibition of various types of works and designs in the world is followed by the  Jakarta City Provincial Government through the Office of Tourism and Culture in collaboration with Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) in the City of Milan, Italy from April 7-14.

The First Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Veronika, Vonny Handayani said, the exhibition entitled Essential Jakarta presented various types of contemporary design in the form of clothing, furniture, dances combined with video mapping, and videography curated by ICAD, with curator Diana Nazir and Itjuk. "This variety of works draws inspiration from eight Betawi icons, such as Ondel-ondel, Coconut Flower, Balang Teeth, Sadariah Clothes and Kerancang Kebaya, Betawi Batik, Crust Egg and Beer Pletok," he said.

Occupying an area of ​​175 square meters, the Jakarta stand was designed to resemble the shape of Kembang Goyang, a typical cake from Betawi. In addition to the display of works, there are also performances of traditional dances and treats for snacks and cakes and traditional snacks that attract visitors' attention. Junianto's furniture in the form of wooden chairs with rattan interwoven in the form of asymmetrical arches, named "Ciliwung Chair" takes the theme of the Ciliwung river. For Junanto, the Betawi chair tells the history and process of evolution of design since the colonial era.

Meanwhile, Eldwin Pradipta made the installation of a work in the form of a Betawi mask combined with video mapping techniques as the background of the Betawi dance, which made the performing arts more lively to provide illustrations of diversity and the process of acculturation of the Betawi people. "There is also a traditional dress by Felicia Budi that combines cultural heritage with urban modernity in the work of Kerancang Kerancang for women and Baju Sadariah for men," he said. The visitors consisted of special invitations, design communities, the media and the general public who liked the work displayed at the Indonesian stand. Gisella Borioli, Director of Superstudio said, the Indonesian pavilion is very attractive and colorful with excellent land use. "I have a strong and positive impression on what Indonesia is showing, namely its traditional culture which is packaged in a contemporary appearance," Gisella said.

Representing the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office, Sherly Yuliana, explained that  Jakarta's participation in Milan Design Week was the support of the Jakarta City Provincial Government towards the creative industry while preserving traditional cultural heritage and promoting it to the international arena. "This is the first time Jakarta has promoted a creative and cultural industry to Europe," he said. Minister Counselor of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture of the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Charles Hutapea while attending the opening of the exhibition said that Indonesia's participation in the Superdesign Show in Milan was a manifestation of strengthening cooperation, especially in the creative economy sector, in line with the Commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia - 70 Years creative economic cooperation and UKM.

The participating artists from Indonesia were Aloysius Baskara Junianto, Ayang Kalake, Danton Sihombing, Du'Anyam, Eldwin Pradipta, Felicia Budi, Natureline, Pala Nusantara, Savira Lavinia, Kitchen Studio and Tommy Ambiyo. While the ICAD team consisted of curators Diana Nazir and Itjuk, Andika Frestian as Artistic Director and Amanda Ariawan. Milan Design Week is a leading design exhibition week involving creative communities from around the world. Throughout the week, various exhibitions are held in the city of Milan, one of which is the Superdesign Show located in the Superstudio Piu complex, Via Tortona. (ant)
Editor: Achmad Sukarno