Art Festival Held This Evening in Front of the South Jakarta Mayor's Office
Author: Feryanto Hadi
Editor: Intan Ungaling Dian
The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture will hold the South Jakarta (FSSJ) Art Festival.
The art festival will be held on Friday (5/4/2019) at 04.00 p.m, at Jalan Prapanca Raya No 9, South Jakarta, in front of the Office of the Mayor of South Jakarta.
"As a trial, the South Jakarta FSSJ will show the first title on Friday, April 5, 2019 at 04.00 p.m until finished," said Head of the South Jakarta Tourism and Culture Sub-Department Imron Yunus, Thursday (4/4/2019).
One of the events that will be displayed by the FSSJ is Gambang Kromong Silibet.
Imron Yunus explained, FSSJ South Jakarta is a series of arts and culture performances in South Jakarta City, which are part of the Year-round Cultural Arts Festival activities.
"This program is a mandate of Pergub 18/2019, which is expected to have an influence on protection, development, utilization," he said.
"As well as fostering cultural arts in South Jakarta in particular and DKI Jakarta in general," Imron Yunus said again.
According to him, the FSSJ was held as an effort to utilize public open space facilities and transit places and meet employees / employers, and other general public (third room).
The public space, said Imron Yunus, became a place for socialization, consultation, participation, collaboration, and even cultural acculturation in South Jakarta. Hope that FSSJ will lead the  increase of people's appreciation in art and culture.
"The term kate nyak babe, art will only develop in an environment where people also love art '," he said
In addition, the use of public open spaces aim as a room for artists to express, create and innovate. FSSJ is also a means to improve the quality and quantity of art and increase the appreciation of community art.
"With the increasing appreciation of the arts, various types of art will be sought by the community for various interests of 3T (guidance, order and spectacle)," he said.
"If it has become 3T, Jakarta will become  'Maju Kotanya, Bahagia Warganya'," Imron Yunus said again.