Abror and La Tanya Chosen to Be East Jakarta Abnon, This is a Heavy Duty
JAKARTA - The heavy duty of the newly elected East Jakarta Abnon Abai (Abnon) was held yesterday. They were asked to promote tourism and culture in the East Jakarta area to be increasingly popular with people from various parts of the region.
Abang Muhammad Abror and None La Asked Alisa Riskasari, who yesterday had just been named East Jakarta Abnon. In addition to promoting existing tourism, both are expected to be able to represent East Jakarta to compete at the Provincial level.
East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar, said that the election of Abnon was a routine agenda which in this case was carried out by the East Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office.
"For the election of this couple, I am sure and optimistic that both of them can provide the best in the Abnon event in  Jakarta Province," he said on Monday (22/4).
Anwar said, optimistically that the general champion at the Jakarta level, which last year was won by East Jakarta representatives, would increase. The small expectations of the Abnon couple can maintain what has been achieved so far.
"Support and guidance from the Tourism and Culture Sub-Department is also very much needed for this partner's capital to be better," he said.
Meanwhile, the Head of East Jakarta Sub-dept. Of Tourism and Culture, Iwan Wardhana, added that his party would fight more fully in providing guidance to elected abnon couples.
The hope, in order to be able to defend the title of Jakarta Abnon General Champion in 2019. "Finalists abnon will provide guidance for better and more experienced," he explained.
Iwan added, before stepping into the next stage, the Abnon couple was asked to promote existing tourism. The task is needed because currently many tourist attractions in East Jakarta are being prepared. "One of them is the Benjamin Sueb museum, which must be supported by all lines to be loved by the community," he said.
Related to this, the East Jakarta Abang Finalist Muhammad Abror said, the 2019 Abang and None event was an arena for the introduction of Betawi culture in East Jakarta. "Therefore we are ready to play an active role in promoting existing tourism, I am also optimistic and will struggle to achieve the Abnon of Jakarta Province," he explained.
The same thing was conveyed by 2019 Finalists, La Tanya Alisa Riskasari who stated that the activities she participated in were a forum for millennial youth youth and young women.

"Because through this event we can all preserve and develop Betawi culture, especially in East Jakarta," he concluded. (Ifand / win)