50 Traders Joined the Egg Crust Festival

JAKARTA - Introducing one of the typical Betawi cuisines, the Tourism and Culture Office held a egg crust festival on the DKI bridge on Sunday (4/28/2019). As many as 50 traditional food vendors are ready to spoil the visitors' tongues.
Jakarta Head of Pavilion Management Unit and  Tourist Graha Disparbud, Fadlan Zuhran, said that the event was held to empower the egg crust traders. Because, all this time they can only be seen at every special event. "So far, they have only been in PRJ, so we now hold a festival so that in the future they will be seen more in every event," he said, Sunday (28/4).
According to Fadlan, this activity, the first time this has been done, is expected to be an encouragement for traders. Because, later they will continue to be involved in every event that exists. "The hope is that in addition to introducing more egg crust, the existing traders can get the results of the sale," he said.
He said the results of the egg crust with good taste will be contested. This will produce the best food with innovations provided by traders without deviating from the standard. "We want to make this typical Betawi cuisine inherent in the hearts of its citizens," said Fadlan.
Meanwhile, Hasanuddin, a trader, said that he had only been selling on certain occasions. The most frequently done is peddling his merchandise in PRJ and Setu Babakan. "If there are no events in those two places, don't sell it. We are like seasonal traders, "he said.
Through this activity, Hasanudin also hopes that all existing traders are often involved in each event. Because with that, it certainly can increase revenue from selling egg crust. "In DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, there are almost every day activities, embrace us to increase our income," he concluded. (ifand / yp)