The Jakarta City Government tourism and cultural show Betawi art at the inauguration of the MRT
Reportern: Taufik Ridwan and Kuntum Khaira Riswan
Editor n   : Edy Sujatmiko
Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office show Betawi specialties at the inauguration of the Integrated Raya Mode (MRT) at the HI circle Station.
"While Mr. Jokowi walks out, a song and a Betawi musical instrument will be accompanied. This is a way to preserve Betawi culture," said Head of the Partnership Section of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Warsi Ningsih when met at the HI Circle MRT Station on Sunday.
Ningsih said, besides Betawi music, she also prepared Yellow Sirih Dance. This dance has meaning as a welcome, because it is displayed at the entrance of Istora Mandiri MRT station.
In addition there are also several other arts placed along the corridor that was passed by President Jokowi's entourage, the exit of the Hotel Indonesia Circle Station (HI). The art in the form of the Rampak Bedug Dance is typical of Pandeglang which is displayed by the Jiwasiat Art Center studio.
"It appeared right after Mr. Jokowi passed, about 8 minutes," said one of the Rampak Bedug dancers, Andes (28).
Andes said that the involvement of local culture in the inauguration of the MRT was one of the promotional events so that people would get to know their own culture. 
"As long as the location that Mr. Jokowi has passed is crowded with people and there are also vehicle-free day activities, so we are easy to promote Rampak Bedug," said Andes. 
President Jokowi inaugurated the MRT at around 09.00 am in the HI Circle area on Sunday morning. 
The President initially departs with the group from Istora Mandiri Station at 07.30 am and arrives at the HI Circle Station at 07.45 am.