The Fashion and Culinary Industry is Increasingly Popular through the Jakarta Brand Festival
Editor : Vien Dimyati
JAKARTA, - Talking about the fashion and culinary industry, can not be separated from the organization, Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF). Entering its 16th year, JFFF added a program for industry players by holding the Jakarta Brand Festival (JBF) 2019.
JBF is a program of initiation of collaboration between JFFF and PT Gambaran Kasih Indonesia (brand description). Both of them have the same vision and mission in creating an activity program to develop a local Indonesian brand in a concrete manner, especially in the fashion and culinary fields. These two industries, through JBF, are expected to be increasingly popular or getting bigger and more persistent in their respective industries
"The presence of JFFF for more than 1.5 decades has been a consistent place to preserve and develop the cultural value and strength of the Indonesian economy through fashion and culinary industries that are culture-based. Therefore, we think it's time to add another program at JFFF. A program that can accelerate the business performance of our local brands in a concrete manner, "said Chairman of JFFF, Soegianto Nagaria, through information received Thursday (9/14/2019). 
As the initial stage of JBF, an 'Accelerator Program' was held, namely a mentoring program for selected local brands (Mentee) through one on one method with profesionals Mentors. They have approximately 15 years of experience from six different backgrounds, such as Strategy, HR / Organization, Sales / Marketing (offline & online), Operation / SupplyChain, Product / Service, and Finance.
In January - February 2019 the registration for prospective Mentee / Brands who wish to participate in the 'Accelerator Program' JBF 2019 has been opened.
Mentee requirements, namely local brands that have a business entity and have been established for at least three years, are domiciled in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, have their own products / services and are not affiliated with franchises, political parties or other business partnerships, have a minimum of five members, and have a simple financial statements.
From approximately 100 registrants, the committee then curated and selected 20 Mentees to take part in the next stage, namely the Kick-Off Meeting between Mentor and Mentee on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at Harris Hotel & Conventions Kelapa Gading.
Each Mentee / Brand includes two people consisting of one owner and one manager / supervisor. In the meeting, in addition to briefings and introductions between Mentors and Mentees, the next selection stage was also conducted through interviews to select for 10 Mentees who were entitled to participate in the mentoring activities
Furthermore, the 10 selected Mentees / Brands are entitled to take part in a mentoring program to improve their business performance by getting mentoring program for four meetings in a period of four months. Through the mentoring program, the Mentees will get an evaluation and direct input from the figure of a respected industry capable of providing motivation and direction clearly as a Mentor. Not only that, at the end of JBF 2019's 'Accelerator Program' the selected Mentees also had the opportunity to become one of the tenants of participants in the 2019 Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival grand event. 
JFFF is an annual grand celebration held since 2004 by Summarecon and the Jakarta Provincial Government through the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office and also supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency