Sumenep Fish Market
Addres             : Sumenep Ornamental Fish Market Tourism Park Sumenep Street, Menteng, Jakarta
Opening hours : Every day at 09.00 am -05.00 pm 
Sumenep Ornamental Fish Market located on  Sumenep street, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Suitable as a mid-city tourist destination; cheap, entertaining and educating for children
The Sumenep Ornamental Fish Market sells various types of ornamental fish from both sea and fresh water. Not only fish, you can also see other types of aquatic animals such as turtles, snails, starfish, seahorses, various types of aquatic plants and colorful coral reefs.
exotic aquatic animals which are usually favored because of their uniqueness such as Electric Eels, Piranha fish, Sea Spiders that resemble Tarantulas, Crickets or Centipedes which are sold as Arowana fish food.
Watching the various colors of ornamental fish passing through the aquarium is a truly exciting experience for children
Let’s come to  Sumenep Ornamental Fish Market. fit to be an alternative vacation in the middle of the city.