Local Brands Will Exist More at JFFF 2019
journalist: Dewi Kania
Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF) event, the 16th event this year as the biggest culinary and fashion festival in Jakarta will invite local brands to join as tenants. Through the Jakarta Brand Festival (JBF) 2019, local brand activities are developed in the culinary and fashion. You will get a lot of fun in the big annual event. The participation of popular local brands is expected to be able to survive and improve the economy creative also to strengthen their brand names among the public. 
JFFF Chairman Soegianto Nagaria said that the presence of this event for more than 1.5 decades was asked to continue to be able to consistently develop the cultural, fashion and culinary side that is always embedded in people's minds. One way is to collaborate with the well-known local brands of the country. 
"We think it's time to add more programs, which can accelerate the performance of local brand businesses in concrete ways," he said, recently. 
There is an accelerator program, specifically for "local brands who want to join this big event. More than 100 registrants are interested, but later only 10 Mentees or local brands will be selected to take part in the JFFF 2019 event," he added. 
On February 28, 2019,  the founders of independent businesses participated in a four-month mentoring program. They will get an evaluation and direct input from the figure of a respected industry, and provide motivation and clear direction related to building a culinary business or fashion.  
As is known, the event was held annually since 2004 by Summarecon,  Jakarta Provincial Government through the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Offiice. Also supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, to bring thousands  people of  Jakarta who are very enthusiastic.