East Jakarta City Government Adds Five RPTRA
Author: Rangga Baskoro
Editor: Agus Himawan
East Jakarta City Government (Pemkot) again added five Child Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRA). The existence of the RPTRA is expected to be used for community activities, especially for children.
The new RPTRA are RPTRA Bunga Rampai in Malaka Subdistrict, Rusunami Beriman RPTRA in Bidara Cina Village, RPTRA Puspa Hati Utakase in Utan Kayu Selatan Village, RPTRA Garuda in Cilangkap and RPTRA Dahlia KDW Villages in Kelapa Dua Wetan Village.
East Jakarta Mayor Muhammad Anwar said the inauguration of the five RPRTAs was expected to be used to build and strengthen humanitarian values in the community. "Hopefully it can also be used for community activities, especially children," he said on Wednesday (03/13/2019).
Anwar said, RPRTA is a forum for the community as a place to conduct socialization. Where this public space can be used to conduct friendships, interact and exercise. "But we will focus on our children, the goal is to build a competitive spirit," Anwar said.
Anwar added that the  Jakarta Provincial Government is currently challenging the RPTRA management to make many positive activities and maintain existing facilities. In addition, it is expected that the management will also hold productive training.
"Encourage young people and help residents around here. Take care of this place too, fill with a variety of positive and productive activities," he said.  For RPTRA Bunga Rampai itself, it was built in November 2018 in an area of 1,800 square meters of land owned by the Jakarta City Government Culture and Tourism Office.
Various facilities have been provided such as function rooms, library rooms, management offices, Elderly Family Development (BKL) rooms, lactation rooms, Family Welfare Development (PKK) Mart, pantry, warehouses, disabled toilets, and public toilets inside.
While outside facilities consist of reflection areas, play areas, nutrition pools, jogging tracks, futsal courts, hydroponic gardens and a number of children's games. The five RPTRAs were built through the Jakarta Provincial Government RPTRA Phase V Superior Program with the  Jakarta City Regional Budget in 2018