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Cibubur Garden Dairy or commonly known as Cibugary is a dairy cow and goat farm that has the feel of a garden in the Cibubur area, the owner Mr. Rachmat Baghory has the initiative to make this place as agro-educational tourism especially for children.
The purpose of the establishment of the Cibugary Garden Dairy is to increase children's knowledge about cattle farming, besides that he also hopes that children can find out about the benefits of cow's milk for health.
Tips for visiting Cibubur Garden Dairy:
1. Wear comfortable  clothing and footwear because children will enter into actual cattle farms.
2. If necessary, bring a mask to cover your nose, for those who are not familiar with the smell of dirt from the  
   cow cage will feel very disturbed and eventually even busy covering the nose.
3. Bring drinks and food for picnics in the garden and saung provided. This place only provides yogurt and milk.
4. Don't forget to invite the children to feed the goat-breed goat located behind Mr. Rachmat's house. The forms 
    of the goat's horn here are very diverse, you know ...
How to get to Cibubur Garden Dairy:
Exit from the Cibubur Toll Door, then take it towards Cikeas / Cileungsi. to meet the teak forest and on the left is the gate just before the Pondok Ranggon police post. After entering the main gate 50 meters then there is the Cibugary gate, lots of cattle banners, turn right to enter the Istana Cibugary Milk Tourism Location
Children's tour packages offered vary from Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 50,000 per person.
Address: DKI Blok C Ranch Complex No.1 Rt.01 / Rw.02 Pondok Ranggon Cipayung-East Jakarta
Tel: 021-44291374
Opening hours: 09.00 am - 06.00 pm