Bango Food Festival 2019
Date: March 16-17 2019
Place: Squash Parking Area, Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta
FJB2019 is the biggest annual culinary festival and has become the pride of the Indonesian people since 2005. From year to year, Bango always presents various kinds of Nusantara cuisine and supports the regeneration of Culinary Vendors throughout Indonesia.
This year the Bango Hawker Festival or # FJB2019 will be held on March 16-17 2019 in the Squash Parking Area, Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta.
Culinary peddlers have an important role in preserving Indonesia's legendary culinary. Through the delicious dishes they present with  Bango soy sauce, the quality of the archipelago can be maintained until now. At this year's Bango Food Festival, Bango invited 10 legendary Culinary Vendors who have regenerated to always maintain genuine delights. Look forward to the story of Culinary Vendors here!
At FJB, there will be more than 80 Legendary Culinary Vendors who are ready to present Indonesian specialties. Want to know who are the Culinary Vendors who will be present at FJB 2019? Check the list now!
DISTRICT F (Legendary Culinary, Dessert, and Delicious Healthy Stay Bango Light)
DISTRICT J (Cross Generation Culinary)
DISTRICT B (Legendary Culinary and Dessert)
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Facebook: Bango Warisan Kuliner

  • Squash Parking Area, Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta
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