AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City
AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City
Address              : Jl. Boulevard Jakarta Garden City, Jakarta Garden City, Cakung, East Jakarta
Operating Hours : 10.00 am- 22.00 pm
Phone                 : (021) 2246 2525
AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City. The latest  shopping center that just opened at the end of September 2017 on the border between Jakarta and Bekasi Brought by Japanese developers and operators, this mall is definitely full of products and food from Sakura.
this place is perfect for a weekend getaway with family without having to go out of town
Want to know what is unique there?
1. Enjoy the city panorama from the highest Ferris wheel (Ferris wheel) in Indonesia: J-SKY Ferris Wheel
• J-SKY Ferris Wheel
• Entrance ticket: Regular IDR 50,000 / person | Couple IDR 160,000 / gondola | VIP IDR 350,000 / gondola
2. Let your little one play, jump and run as much as you like: Loft Park
To be able to play here you don't need to pay, you just need to show a shopping receipt of at least IDR 100,000 or free for AEON members.
Fuwa Fuwa Dome
Operating Hours: Normal Days, 13.00 - 20.00 | Weekend 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
3. Game of light in a fantasy park: Wonder Garden
No less the same there, AEON Jakarta Garden City also has a Wonder Garden which presents 12,000 mini-shaped cherry blossoms. When night falls, thousands of these lights will light up and make a kind of show by twinkling alternately so that it looks like a wave. Very cool!!
4. Small-town playground in Finland: FANPEKKA
Want to invite your baby to play in castles, villages and small towns with nuances of Finland? No need to fly to Europe, just bring them here. This vast playground presents 6 different rides with different activities and fun. There is an Assembly Leikkimokki or a vehicle for assembling houses with parents, the Role Leikkimokki where children can play roles as traders and buyers or even firefighters.
Entrance Ticket: Normal day, Regular Rp170,000, Member Rp130,000 | Weekends, Regular Rp.230,000, Members Rp190,000 | Companion Rp. 50,000
5. The center is Japanese culinary with cheap prices
As a mall that originates from Sakura, surely you will be spoiled for a variety of Japanese food choices at AEON Mall.
6. Noodles there, noodles here, noodles everywhere!
Are you a big fan of noodles? Instead of constantly eating instant noodles using preservatives, just go to AEON and just choose which ramen noodle restaurant or which you want to stop by.
Other options worth trying:
Nagasaki Champon
Tokyo Bowl & Noodles
Lamian Golden
Ringer Hut
Seirockya Ramen
Ramen O-Gi
Nissin Ramen Bar 
Prices vary from IDR 25,000
7. Eat on the semi-open balcony with the concept of Gourmet Terrace garden
This is one of the things that distinguishes AEON Jakarta Garden City with AEON Serpong, which is a semi-open area that is quite comfortable and shady on the ground floor and the first floor which is decorated with greenery to add to the beautiful impression.
8. Eccentric zoo-themed food court: Zoo Café
We are not exaggerating when we say there are many food courts in this mall.
9. A unique way to 'shoot' a crush: a Love Padlock and a Love Bell
After enjoying a romantic moment in a giant Ferris wheel, it's time to show love to your partner or loved ones.
10. Japanese hand fruit that can (be bought and) taken home: Yawaragi
If Indonesia has batik cloth that is rich in variety, then Japan has Furoshiki - namely a rectangular shaped fabric with beautiful colors and patterns. Uniquely, besides being suitable as a decoration, furoshiki can also be used as a bag, lunch wrap, or gift wrap.
11. Instagrammable photo spots on every corner: Cool wall paintings
One thing that makes this mall unique is the presence of several murals that adorn the walls, especially in the halls to the toilet, elevator, or in the corner area. Although this mural looks simple as it is drawn using chalk, it turns out that when you look at the picture, each mural is interconnected from one floor to another.
12. It's easier to get around everywhere: Borrowing wheelchairs and strollers
Sometimes the problem when walking with all family members is the stamina of each person who is different. Remarkably, at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City visitors who bring elderly people or babies can use wheelchairs or baby strollers that are specially provided for visitors. The requirement is quite easy and no need to pay anyway. All you have to do is ask the information section.