Rujak/Mie Juhi

The blend of cultural diversity in Jakarta with indigenous Betawi culture produces a unique new culture that is also heterogeneous. One of them is rujak juhi or mie juhi. Rujak juhi is a typical food of Betawi inspired by Chinese cuisine. Consisting of dried cuttlefish, lettuce, egg noodles, fries, and peanut sauce.
Rujak juhi uses juhi as the main ingredient. Juhi is a squid or cuttlefish that has been fermented and dried. The name juhi itself is given by Chinese people who really like this kind of processed. Rujak juhi does not use sauce that is processed using Javanese sugar and chili, but fresh peanut sauce.
Rujak juhi or mie juhi is unique because it combines fresh vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, lettuce, and cucumber into complementary ingredients combined with seafood, and noodles as a source of carbohydrates. Doused with peanut sauce on top. It feels fresh, you should try it.

miejuhi miejuhi