15 Finalist of Abnon East Jakarta Join Gathering Night

Ahead the final night on Friday (20/4) tomorrow, as many as 15 pairs of finalists abang none (Abnon) East Jakarta, join the gathering night on Wednesday (18/4) night. The event was held at Caping Gunung TMII attended by the finalists Abnon and their familes. In this night, the finalists individually introduce themselves, their names and daily activities, delivered by using a foreign language. They also show their skill in front of the visitors.
This appearances will also be done during the final night at the Jakarta International Equestrian Park building in Pulomas, East Jakarta on Friday night tomorrow. East Jakarta Sub Dept Head of Tourism and Culture, Iwan Henry Wardana said the gathering night was for assemble of the finalists and their families. And also as preparatory training ahead of the final night later. "The gathering night is for intimacy of the finalists and their families at once, so that they know each other and become familiar," said Iwan
According to him, ahead of the final night, the finalists should be galvanized again. This is to add insight about art and culture in Jakarta. Moreover, East Jakarta has enormous potential, so it should be explored more deeply about the existing art and culture and become local wisdom. "It is a pride for me because all employees are very compact, enthusiastic and responsible in guarding Abnon's activities, so it becomes motivation to be more active in holding this event," he said.
East Jakarta City Administration Secretary, Usmayadi added, the Abnon finalists should be more enthusiastic in learning. Especially in exploring about the cultural arts that exist in the region. So the insight will be more and more. "The more knowledge received, the more their insight will be, we hope that East Jakarta will become the general champion of Abnon at the provincial level and Abnon can promote Jakarta as a tourism and culture city in the international world," he said.

Source:Nurito / Rio Sandiputra /