Martabak Pecenongan 65A (Pancake)

Martabak is Indonesian version of pancakes. Mostly, martabak contains only chocolate, cheese and nuts, but now we can find various martabak variants that have a very interesting topping and also known as a premium martabak. This premium martabak you can get in Martabak Pecenongan 65a.
One of the interesting things about this place is the toppings that used for stuffing martabak which consists of various variants such as Toblerone chocolate, Nutela, Kitkat, Ovomaltine, Skippy, Oreo and many others. This toppings currently became the most favorite option and martabak pecenongan 65a is one of the pioneers.
If you do not like the sweet Martabak, there is another option that is an egg martabak that has a savory taste. Similar to sweet martabak, egg martabak also has a large size and rich toppings such as chicken, beef, tuna, and mushrooms.
Well, if you're around the Pecenongan street, Central Jakarta, dont forget to stop by and buy one of the martabak in this place, Martabak Pecenongan 65A.

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