Kue Kembang Goyang

It called Kembang Goyang, quite unique is'nt it ? This cake is called Kembang Goyang because when it gets fried the mold is shaken on top of hot oil. Along with the variety that exists today, this cake also had the addition of flavor variants. A few drops of frambozen essens, pandan essens, and sesame seeds as a variation of flavor to the addition of color makes the appearance of Kembang Goyang look so appealing.

This cake came from Betawi people and is usually presented during Idul Fitri and celebration events. Kembang Goyang also become one of the traditional cakes of Nusantara that presented for guests and it has a crispy taste and tasty.

The ingredients used to make this flower cake are quite easy to come by. Among them, chicken eggs, sugar, rice sifted rice, soured sago powder, coconut milk, coconut, white sesame, and cooking oil.

kmbng gyng kembang goyang