Indonesian Stamp Museum

Museum of stamps was built with the form of Java-Bali style on an area of ​​9,590 m2 and was inaugurated by President Soeharto on September 29, 1983. The museum exhibits a collection of stamps from Indonesia and abroad. There is also an antique postcard bycycle of Western German made in 1950 with the brand Falter, placed in the foyer of the museum. The front area of this museum is a globe with a pigeon carrying a letter symbolizing the Perum Pos and Giro duties reach the whole world.
There are 6 exhibition rooms in this museum that each provide information about the stamp itself.
The first exhibition hall of TMII Indonesia Stamp Museum which contains the history of postage stamps, including how news delivery was done in ancient times using lontar leaves.
Showroom II of  Indonesian Stamp Museum is shown the process of making stamps.
In showroom III there are a number of stamps published in 1864-1950 during the Dutch government, Japan, and the war of independence.
Showroom IV features stamps and souvenir sheets published since 1950-1993.
In showroom V there are stamps arranged based on certain period and theme.
And the last is showroom VI that exhibits thematic stamps, especially scouting and sports.
For a philatelic, this place becomes one that must be visited.
Price of admission: Rp. 5000
Hours of Operation: 08.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m

museum perangko museum perangko museum perangko