Sayur Babanci

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Sayur Babanci or ketupat babanci is a typical Batavia culinary. However, in the modern era as it is now this dish began to be difficult to find because the ingredients to make this coconut culinary is 'difficult' because of 21 compulsory vegetable matter babanci, half is rarely found.

"Babanci" comes from the word babah and enci because this food is supposedly cooked by the Chinese community because the vegetable is not clear of curry or vegetable. In addition to delicious because of rich seasoning, this vegetable is rare to find. Although the name of vegetables, but the composition there is no vegetables in it, or difficult to meet the vegetables in this Sayur Babanci.

The ingredients for making this dish are: Beef,  coconut milk, coconut water, roasted grated coconut, young coconut meat, bay leaf and other spices (kedaung, botor, and tai angin) make vegetable babanci have taste typical. Acculturation of typical flavors of Arabian kitchen, Chinese and Batavia spices Increasingly unique with the contents of young coconut meat.

Unfortunately, this culinary is hard to find. The original Batavia people still like to serve this vegetable for Eid or wedding.

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