Indonesia Kaya Gallery

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Gallery Indonesia Kaya is a cultural edutainment room, offering of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation based on digital technology from Indonesia for Indonesia featuring cultural richness of archipelago. Starting from traditional musical instruments, traditional toys, custom clothes, to information about culinary, tourism, traditions and arts packed digitally and interactively in this place.

Located in Grand Indonesia,  Indonesia Kaya Gallery offers an alternative to studying Indonesian cultural traditions in a more modern, fun, easy and free way.

 Indonesia Kaya Gallery also features a variety of cultural performances from Indonesian artists, both new artists and senior artists in the art world. The show every on weekend.

Indonesia Kaya Gallery is equipped with an auditorium with a capacity of 150 people. featuring cultural spectacle, from stage art, music, film screenings, cultural discussions, seminars and workshops for free. Artists who want to use the auditorium can use it free of charge.
Based in               : Grand Indonesia

Address                : Grand Indonesia, West Mall  8 Th  floor,  MH Thamrin  street no. 1, Kb. Melati,                

                                 Central Jakarta,  Jakarta 10310
Opening hours    : 10:00 am
Phone                   : (021) 23580701