Cokek Dance

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Cokek dance is a dance that comes from Batavia culture. Cokek is defined as a social dance accompanied by the Gambang Kromong orchestra, with female dancers called "puppet cokek", in exchange for money. Guests are given a wide opportunity to dance in pairs with the chocolates. Betawi people call it "ngibing cokek". Before and during their ngibing served drinks, to increase the spirit of dancing, There is also Cokek Kreasi Dance. This dance raises the social dance played by young couples  and joyful.

The opening of the cocktail dance is wawayangan. Dancers are lined up or marching elongated while stepping back and forth following the rhythm of the kromong gambang. Hand-stretching of head-high arms accompanied the movement of the foot.
Tidal dancers and facing each other at close range but not touching each other. There is also the pair of back to back. If the place is free there is also a circular movement in a circle wide enough. Clothes dancers usually consist of baju kurung and trousers of colored silk material.

But now in modern era, Cokek dance is beginning to rarely show in various events as it once was.
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