Chandra Naya Building

Jl. Gajah Mada No. 188, West Jakarta
the Candra Naya building also features a typical Chinese building with a roof frame structure called Tou-Kung.

The Candra Naya Building was built by Khouw Tian Sek, estimated in 1807 or the year of the rabbit. to  welcome the birth of his son in 1808. Candra Naya's name in the year of rabbits  at that time came from a painting written in Han characters meaning "In autumn in the year of a rabbit". Owner and occupant of this building was originally a Major namely Khouw Kim An.

Khouw Kim An was born in Batavia on June 5, 1879. He is fluent in Dutch even though he was educated at Hokkien school. Khouw Kim An became one of the founders of Tiong Hwa Hwe Kwan, Jakarta who stood in 1900. In 1905 Khouw Kim An was given the rank of lieutenant by the Dutch, and three years later he was promoted to captain, and promoted to major in 1910. Candra Naya used to be called Major House.

Candra Naya Building has also been used for several activities such as:
In 1946 this building as a clinic  for the origin of Sumber Waras Hospital. This building has also used Sin Ming Hui as an elementary, junior high school, and high school buildings. In 1965, Sin Ming Hui changed its name to "Tjandra Naja Social Perkoempoelan". and in the 1960s to the 1970s Candra Naya was once a top-class wedding venue.

up to now the Candra Naya Building became a Cultural Heritage and its history trails are well preserved, although squeezed in the center of the building.

Let's preserve the  heritage  of Jakarta