WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY - Keramika 2018 will feature more than 100 exhibitors covering the entire ceramics manufacturing industry which includes raw materials, equipment, technology, solutions, supply and finishing of more than 10,000 ceramic industry professionals from the ASEAN region.
CERAMIC FRAMEWORK - Keramika 2018 will showcase new launches, designs and solutions from Indonesia. Ceramic Industries Association (ASAKI), bringing the best class to the exclusive World Keramika zone in Keramika 2018. The event is based on the largest building materials exhibition in Indonesia - Mega Build Indonesia 2018. The event will also be held in conjunction with SSF Expo Indonesia 2018.
Date    : 15-18 March 2018
Venue  : Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Info and contacts:
- Tel: 021-25565000
- Facebook: MegaBuild Indonesia
- Website: